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C1-R1-rimadyl (1) C2-R1-telazol (1)
 C1-R2-doxirope  C2-R2-simbadol
 C1-R3-clavimox  C2-R3-cereniaC2-R3-cerenia
 C1-R4-antirobe  C2-R4-propo
 C1-R5-dexdomitor  C2-R5-Iso
 C1-R6-antisedan  C2-R6-torbu
Due to serious human safety and abuse concerns, including physical or psychological dependence, life-threatening respiratory depression and additive CNS depressant effects, read the full prescribing information before using this drug, including the complete Boxed Warning. Not for use in humans. Hospital staff should be trained in the handling of potent opioids and should avoid accidental exposure. SIMBADOL has not been evaluated in breeding, pregnant, or lactating cats, in cats younger than 4 months of age or moribund cats. Do not use in cats with known hypersensitivity to buprenorphine hydrochloride or any of the components of SIMBADOL, or known intolerance to opioids. Use with caution in cats with impaired hepatic function. Adverse reactions may include hyperthermia, tachycardia, hypotension, hypertension, hypothermia, anorexia, and hyperactivity.
For more safety information, refer to the full Prescribing Information.

Disgusting Dentals Contest Official Rules 

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. To enter, take a photo of teeth, then share the photo on the Viral Vet App using #disgustingdentals19 to enter the contest. Entries must be submitted from February 1, 2019, to February 25, 2019. Contest is open to  individuals who, at the time of entry and, if a winner, the time of prize fulfillment, are legal residents of the United States, are 18 years of age or older and are of the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they reside and are licensed veterinary professionals, credentialed veterinary technicians currently employed by a veterinary practice in the United States, and veterinary students currently enrolled in an accredited veterinary program in the United States. Winners will be announced on March 1, 2019. For full contest rules, visit http://info.viralvet.com/disgustingdentals/contestrules.
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